Some History

IAPS was officially founded in 1981, although its origins go back to a series of successful conferences in several European countries from 1969 onwards. IAPS is now well-established, and has an international membership.

1982: Barcelona, Spain “People and their Physical Surroundings”
1984: Berlin, Germany “Environment and Human Action”
1986: Haifa, Israel “Environments in Transition”
1988: Delft, The Netherlands “Looking Back to the Future”
1990: Ankara, Turkey “Culture Space History”
1992: Marmaras, Greece “Socio-Environmental Metamorphoses, Builtscape, Landscape, Ethnoscape, Euroscape”
1994: Manchester, UK “The Urban Experience, A People-Environment Perspective”
1996: Stockholm, Sweden “Evolving Environmental Ideals, Changing Ways of Life, Values and Design Practices”
1998: Eindhoven, The Netherlands “Shifting Balances, Changing Roles in Policy, Research and Design”
2000: Paris, France: “Metropolis 21st Century, Cities, Social Life and Sustainability, Which Prespectives?”
2002: A Coruña, Spain: “Culture, Quality of Life and Globalization – Problems and Challenges for the New Millenium”
2004: Vienna, Austria: “Evaluation in Progress”
2008: Roma, Italy: “Urban diversities, biosphere and well-being: designing and managing our common environment”
2010: Leipzig, Germany: “Vulnerability, Risk and Complexity: Impacts of Global Change on Human Habits
 2011:  Daegu, Korea: International Networks Symposium
 2012:  Glasgow, UK: “Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research Policy and Practice”
 2013:  A Coruña, Spain: “Sustainable environments in a changing global context: Identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in contexts of crisis”
 2014:  Timisoara, Romania: “Transitions to sustainable societies: Designing research and policies for changing lifestyles and communities”
 2016: Lund & Alnarp: “The human being at home, work and leisure. Sustainable use and development of indoor and outdoor spaces in late modern everyday life”