IAPS Conferences

IAPS holds a major conference every two years. These conferences have until now been held in Europe and Western Asia. IAPS is very keen to support conferences which are compatible with the objectives of the Association and in which our members will have an interest and may indeed be attending and speaking. For example, a way to support related conferences is to offer to organise a paper session. By these means the IAPS Board will put together a themed symposium, including supplying the speakers. We believe this is an excellent way of encouraging collaboration between organisations, and for this reason we will always try to look favourably on any request by another organisation to organise such a session at one of the IAPS conferences.

26th IAPS 2020 Conference | Quebec, Canada. First Virtual IAPS Conference (due to COVID-19 pandemic)

25th IAPS 2018 Conference | Rome, Italy
24th IAPS 2016 Conference | Lund, Sweeden
23th IAPS 2014 Conference | Timisoara, Romenia
22th IAPS 2012 Conference | Glasgow, UK
21th IAPS 2010 Conference | Leipzig, Germany
20th IAPS 2008 Conference | Rome, Italy
19th IAPS 2006 Conference | Alexandria, Egypt
18th IAPS 2004 Conference | Vienna, Austria
17th IAPS 2002 Conference | A Coruña, Spain
16th IAPS 2000 Conference | Paris, France
15th IAPS 1998 Conference | Eindhoven, Netherlands
14th IAPS 1996 Conference | Stockholm, Sweden
13th IAPS 1994 Conference | Manchester, UK
12th IAPS 1992 Conference | Halkidiki, Greece
11th IAPS 1990 Conference | Ankara, Turkey
10th IAPS 1988 Conference | Delft, Netherlands
9th IAPS 1986 Conference | Haifa, Israel
8th IAPS 1984 Conference | Berlin, Germany
7th IAPS 1982 Conference | Barcelona, Spain
6th IAPS 1980 Conference | Surrey, UK
5th IAPS 1978 Conference | Louvain La Neuve, Belgium
4th IAPS 1976 Conference | Strasbourg, France
3th IAPS 1975 Conference | Sheffield, UK
2th IAPS 1973 Conference | Surrey, UK
1th IAPS 1970 Conference | Kingston, UK