As well as organising a major Conference every 2 years, the IAPS Networks also organise symposiums. The IAPS Networks Conveners can propose an international Symposium to the IAPS Board in the years where we do not have the IAPS Conference. Please, see the list of our last IAPS Symposiums:

2021 International Symposium on “Sustainability in the Post-Covid era: Challenges and Opportunities in the face of Climate Change and the Energy Transition” | La Coruna, Spain.

2019 IAPS Symposium Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All | Pelotas, Brazil.

2017 IAPS Symposium | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2015, 5th Symposium+Workshop: Borders: Conflict and/or Potential /Experiencing NICOSIA, Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and HERA-C, EMU | Famagusta, CYPRUS.

2013 IAPS International Network Symposium | Coruna, Spain.

2011 The International Network Symposium “Continuity and Change of the Built Environment – Housing, Culture and Space across Lifespans” | Daegu, Korea.

2009, IAPS Joint symposium with CSBE network “Revitalising Built Environments – Re-qualifying Old Places for New Uses” | Istanbul.

2007 IAPS Symposium “Housing and Environmental Conditions in Post-communists Countries” | Poland.

2005, 3rd Symposium: Social Change and Spatial Transformation In Housing Environments | Istanbul – Turkey.

2001, 2nd Symposium: Traditional Environments in a New Millennium: Defining Principles and Professional Practice | Amasya, Turkey.

1997, 1st Symposium, Culture & Space in Home Environment, Critical Evaluations / New Paradigms | Istanbul – Turkey.