Young Researchers

YR-Award-winners-2004-2010-300x241IAPS biannually awards young researchers for excellent research projects and research papers presented at IAPS Young Researchers’ Workshop.

Two types of Award apply:

YR Best Paper Award – for papers on completed and publishable pieces of research. The winner of the Best Paper Award receives a 4-years free IAPS membership.

Since 2008, IAPS also awards YR Excellent Research Proposals. This award applies to Master and PhD in-progress work showing a great potential. The award includes a 1-year free IAPS membership.


Excellent paper Award:

Claudia Andrade (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal): Hospital physical environment and users’ well-being: Adaptation and validation of a hospital environment quality perception measure

Christophe Demarque (University of Provence, France): Effects of binding communication on Future Time Perspective and decision making facing pro-environmental behaviour

Excellent research proposal Award:

Seung Ho Youn (University of Surrey, UK): Symbolic colonial heritage and reconstruction of national identity

Karin Kragsig Peschardt (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): The missing link ? A study of the restorative characteristics and qualities of small rooms in the dense city of Copenhagen

Thilo Becker (Technical University of Dresden, Germany): The distribution of external costs from transport

Roman Matousek (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic): Environmental justice and post-socialism: issues of segregation and housing policy

Alena Bleicher (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany): Old Environmental Burden ? Present Adventure. Ignorance in decision making and the case of contaminated areas

Jinhee Park (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom): A particular housing culture shaped by high-rise apartments and its socio-spatial impacts in South Korea

IAPS 20 IN ROME (2008)

Best paper Award:

Sarah Payne (University of Manchester, UK): Soundscapes within urban parks: their restorative value

Excellent research proposal Award:

Matt Andrews (University of Surrey, UK): The role of anticipated restoration as a mediator in the relationship between perceptions of danger and environmental preference

Elena Bilotta (University Roma 1, Italy): Safety and fear of crime in urban environment: The case of the city of Rome

Jaime Hernandez (University of Newcastle, UK): Collective construction of public space and meaning in informal settlements (popular habitat) in Colombia

Isabelle Richard (University of Provence, France): Initiate comportemental change: carpooling, a non-consuensual ecological gesture: brake’s analysis

Louise Ritchie (University of West of Scotland, UK): Reviewing the evidence for dementia-friendly environments: what does and doesn’t work

G.S. Subbaiyan (National Institute of Technology, India): An investigation of the impact of land use and physical features of the built environment on the fear of crime of passengers waiting in bus stops after dark


Best paper Award:

Maggie Butchart (School of Nursing & Midwifery University of Dundee, UK)

IAPS 18 IN VIENNA (2004):

Best paper Award:

Maria Johansson (Lund Institute of Technology, Dept. of Environmental Psychology, Sweden): Local People’s Motives for Biodiversity Conservation