Biannual IAPS Conference

The Biannual IAPS Conference is the main event organised by the Association. In the past years, the below conferences have been organised. The Conferences’ Book of Abstracts were shared by CDs and print copies to the participants. For the next events, we will work on a digital database shared by the Digital Library. The Digital Library is updated until 2016, and now we are working to activate this.

1967: Psychology Conference |Lund, Sweden.
1969: Dalandhui Conference, AP1 Architectural Psychology: “Courtship in the House of Blackdell” | Dalandhui, Scotland.
1970: AP2 Architectural Psychology: “Apprehension in the Convent” | Kingston, London.
1973: AP3 Architectural Psychology: “Revitalised Hope in Diversity” (and Herring) | Lund, Sweden (May).
1973: AP4 Psychology and the Built Environment: “Psychology First, Architecture Second” | Surrey, England (October).
1975: AP5 Architectural Psychology: “Education, Participation and Carl Marx” | Sheffield, England.
1976: AP6 Space Appropriation: “Space Appropriation Misappropriation” | Strasbourg, France.
1979: Louvain Conference, AP 7 Conflicting Experiences of Space: “Conflicting Experiences of Space and Place” | Louvain La Neve, Belgian.
1979: AP 7 Conflict & Narcissism | Surrey, England.
1982: IAPS 7 Home-Environment. Man-Environment: Qualitative Aspects “Midnight Cocktails in Gaudi’s Park Guell” | Barcelona, Spain.
1984: IAPS 8 Perspectives on Environment and Action “Talking to Plants and Mother Nature” | Berlin, Germany
1986: IAPS 9 Environments in Transition | Haiffa, Israel
1988: IAPS 10 Looking Back to the Future | Delft, Holland.
1990: IAPS 11 Culture-Space-History | Ankara, Turkey.
1992: IAPS 12 Socio-environmental Metamorphoses “Late Night Confessions in Marmaras” | Halkidiki, Greece.
1994: IAPS 13 The Urban Experiences | Manchester, England.
1996: IAPS 14 Evolving Environmental Ideals – ways of life, values, design practices | Stockholm, Sweden.
1998: IAPS 15 Shifting Balances – Changing Roles in Policy, Research and Design | Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2000: IAPS 16 Metropolis: Cities, Social Life and Sustainable Development Inter-multi-trans disciplinarity | Paris, France
2002: IAPS 17 Globalization & the new millennium | Corunna, Spain
2004: IAPS 18 Coral Anniversary | Vienna, Austria
2006: IAPS 19 Environmental health and sustainable development | Alexandria, Egypt.
2008: IAPS 20 Conference Urban diversities, biosphere and well-being: designing and managing our common environment |Roma, Italy.
2010: IAPS 21 Conference Vulnerability, Risk and Complexity: Impacts of Global Change on Human Habits | Leipzig, Germany.
2012: IAPS 22 Conference Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research Policy and Practice |Glasgow, UK.
2014: IAPS 23 Conference Transitions to sustainable societies: Designing research and policies for changing lifestyles and communities | Timisoara, Romania.
2016: IAPS 24 Conference The human being at home, work and leisure. Sustainable use and development of indoor and outdoor spaces in late modern everyday life | Lund, Sweden.
2018: IAPS 25 Conference Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges |Rome, Italy.
2020: First IAPS Online Conference. IAPS 26 Conference RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Setting the pace for future generations | Québec City, Canada.
2022: IAPS Online Conference. IAPS 27 Conference Global Challenges – Local Impacts | Lisbon, Portugal.