The European Union has adopted the general objective of reducing emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. In addition, in order to achieve the objective established by the Paris Agreement, the EU proposes to achieve neutrality of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Achieving these goals requires accelerating the energy transition and decarbonizing the economy. The general objective of this seminar is to develop an in-depth discussion on cross-cutting issues related to the socio-economic, socio-technical, socio-ecological and socio-political aspects of the energy transition and to come up with recommendations about the most appropriate policies to address this transition in a fair and socially acceptable way.

The program consists of 2 general presentations (Dr Giovanni Caiati and Dr Paul Baker) that will introduce the most relevant topic, and of two round tables with participants of different procedence from the world of politics, business, science and civil society organizations. The moderation of the tables will be carried out by well-known journalists with extensive experience in the exercise of dynamization, stimulation of debate and moderation of the interaction between professionals from different fields. The seminar is aimed at scientists, businessmen, policymakers, social agents, and a variety of representatives of organizations promoting energy development. It is also aimed at students. The theme is relevant at the European level and connects with the priorities of the Horizon 2020 research program and with the work of several research consortia currently funded by the European Union on energy issues and the transition to renewable energies. For example, the ENTRANCES project on social aspects of the transition to clean energy, or the SMARTEES Project on energy efficiency and social innovation. In addition, the subject is interdisciplinary and impacts disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science and all environmental issues.


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