Dear Authors of Papers of the 2019 IAPS Symposium,
Initially, we would like to thank everyone for their participation and say that the Symposium Abstract Book will be released in June 2020 during the IAPS Conference ( at the Environment and Gerontology network meeting (the invitation for the online meeting will be sent soon). The e-book will be available at the IAPS website ( and 2019 IAPS Symposium website ( .
The book will be bilingual, in Portuguese-English. Abstracts sent in Spanish will be kept in Spanish, with the translation also in English.
For curriculum purposes, here is the book reference mode:
AUTHOR. Paper title submitted to the Symposium. (2020). In: Portella, A; Nogueira, E .; Maia, L. (Org.). 2019 IAPS Symposium Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All – Book of Abstracts. (bilingual Portuguese – English). Brazil: IAPS & PlaceAge. ISBN: 978-1-9162129-1-6.