The 2019 IAPS Symposium ‘Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All’ is starting next week in Brazil.

This will take place from 27 to 30 November 2019 in the city of Pelotas. This is an event promoted by the IAPS Environment and Gerontology Network. The School of Architecture and Urbanism of Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) will host the Symposium with the support of IAPS (International Association of People-Environment Studies), PlaceAge Project, Laboratory of Behavioural Studies of UFPel and Program of Postgraduation in Architecture and Urbanism of UFPel. The Symposium is also part of Centre for Healthy Cities, Ageing and Citizenship Project, coordinate by Professor Adriana Portella at UFPel. This is a worldwide event that takes place every two years, promoted by IAPS networks, in different countries; the last one was hosted in Tanzania, Africa.

The 2019 IAPS Symposium published this week the Programme with a list of the dates, times, and venues for the presentation of papers by approved authors. We had 71 submissions with 62 authors coming to the city to present their works.

Professor Ricardo Garcia Mira, former IAPS President, will be given the Keynote Speech at the Open Ceremony. Professor Mark Del Aguila (Australia), Hartmut Gunther (Brazil) and Isolda Gunther (Brazil) will also be in the Symposium as Keynote speakers.

The Closing Ceremony will be at the Pelotas Public Library at 10 am on November 30th, with the choir of `Cantarolando Group` by maestro Beto Lima. During the Symposium we are going to prepare a Workshop of Graffiti and Urban Interventions, coordinate by Professor Emmanuela Di Felice (Italy/Brazil). To participate in the Workshop, please do your registration on November 27th at 9am at CEHUS-UFPEL (limited vacancies, arrive early). A Vegan Fair will also be happing during the Symposium to engage more people in discussions about sustainable urban living styles.

The Keynotes speeches and events are all with free admission. Also, everyone is invited to see the oral presentations.

Important information:

Opening Ceremony: November 27th at 10 am in the CEHUS-UFPEL building. Title: AGEING AND PLANNING: A PARTICIPATORY ACTION RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE. Speaker: Professor Dr. Ricardo Garcia Mira, University of La Coruna in Spain.

Round Table: November 28th at 5 pm at the CEHUS-UFPEL building. Title: HOW TO DESIGN BETTER CITIES FOR ALL?. Professors Dr. Mark Del Aguila (Australia), Hartmut Günther (Brasilia, UNB), Isolda Günther (Brasilia, UNB).

Lecture: November 29 at 5 pm at the CEHUS-UFPEL building. Title: WHERE WILL I LIVE? AND HOW? IMPLICATIONS FOR HEALTHY CITIES DESIGN. Speaker: Professor Dr. Hartmut Günther (Brasilia, UNB).