28 IAPS Conference. Barcelona, 2-5 July 2024

The 28th IAPS Conference will take place in Barcelona between 2-5 of July 2024. The conference will use both the traditional format of symposia, papers and posters, as well as two innovative formats, described below. The regular call for symposia and papers will open very soon. This is a call of interest for the two innovative formats we propose for the 28th IAPS conference in Barcelona.

First Special Call-1 – International Transdisciplinary Research.

This is a first call of interest for special sessions on international and transdisciplinary research that is either in progress or recently completed. These presentations and debates will take place in special and specific sessions on projects of this nature. The presentations should emphasize the origin, methodology of the project, results and expected applications by the sponsoring organizations, and should be presented as a team (not just as a personal communication).

First Special Call-2 – Applied research and urban projects. Comparing experiences and effects.

Furthermore, much effort is being put into changing citizens’ habits and behaviours to improve sustainability through modifications of urban spaces as behavioural settings. To generate debate between specific projects (finalized or ongoing) of different cities that have a similar objective, although their methodology and implementation may be different, we launch this second call. We would like to generate debate regarding different urban interventions, considering geographical, cultural, urban and climatic peculiarities.

Those interested in these special types of sessions should email the coordination of the Scientific Committee of the 28th IAPS Conference before the 15th of July 2023 at:  conference.iaps2024@ub.edu. The conference website will also be launched and made available shortly.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Angela Castrechini & Enric Pol

University of Barcelona.

On behalf of the 28th IAPS Conference organizing team.