Dear all,

The IAPS Board is now planning the organisation of its biennial Conference in 2020 and in 2022. The decision about who should host the IAPS 2020 and IAPS 2022 Conferences, will be considered by the IAPS Board, based on a two stage submission process. A final decision will be made at the Board meeting which wil be held in Rome (Italy) next July 7th. The successful candidates will be announced at the next AGM.

Therefore, we encourage to those IAPS members interested in hosting this exciting and participative conference to follow the attached guidelines and submit us their expression of interest following the two stage submission process as outlined below. Please, have a look to the Conference submission guidelines, as well as to the Conference Guidelines in order to see in more detail all the aspects involved in organizing an IAPS conference.

Stage 1 (Deadline: November 30th, 2017) – following this call for expression of interest, any interested parties should submit a brief outline proposal that includes:

  1. A conference theme
  2. Information on the proposed venue
  3. A statement with supporting evidence to confirm that there is the organisational capacity to undertake this event.

The secretary will then provide detailed guidance and support to assist interested parties in submitting their proposal (stage 2).

Stage 2 (Deadline: March 31st, 2018) – the final submission to host the conference must include information on the following:

  1. The conference title and theme, including the sub-categories for submitting presentations.
  2. The date and place of the conference taking into consideration the Networks Meetings, the Young Researchers Workshops and the Photographic Exhibition
  3. Type of institution(s) to which the proposed conference is tied.
  4. Tentative assistance to the conference: number of participants expected, proportion of design professionals, human scientists, etc. proportion of local and regional attendance.
  5. Any special arrangements for students i.e. what is being planned to attract them?
  6. A breakdown of costs for members including: registration fees, social events, field trips and accommodation.
  7. Any financial support or sponsorship obtained (or planned) for the conference (see section 8 of the conference guidelines).
  8. Existence of relevant external relationships/connections that could introduce IAPS to a wider audience.
  9. The potential benefits to IAPS that would result from hosting the conference in this location.
  10. Any planned innovations (for example, changes to the conference format) that would help to further the aims of IAPS.
  11. Support for organising the conference (agreed or planned); this would include room bookings, website, registration, abstract submission and review, catering, etc.
  12. Suggestions for keynote themes and keynote speakers
  13. A breakdown of the conference budget covering expected income and expenditure.
  14. Type of field trips and envisaged partnerships.
  15. Arrangements for accompanying persons.
  16. Initial proposals for the conference book.

The document should not exceed 4-5 pages. This submission will be considered by the IAPS Board and a final decision will be made at the Board meeting next July 7th in Rome (Italy). The successful candidates will be announced at the next AGM.

Looking forward to see your proposals,

All the best

Ricardo García Mira
President of IAPS