The IAPS Board and Election Committee would like to invite IAPS members to take part in this year´s electoral process for 2 positions on the Board. The IAPS Board currently comprises 12 members and you can check out their profiles here:

Please take into consideration that Board members, whilst volunteers, are responsible for a number of tasks during their mandate. Please check the IAPS website for an overview of current responsibilities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the election timeline has been modified this year, to foster participation of our members in this electoral process. The timetable for this year´s election is:

• 7th of May 2020 – Nominations inviting IAPS members to be elected to the IAPS board sent to the membership (information and form also available for download on the IAPS website).
• 25th of May, 2020 – Deadline for nominations to be returned to the Nominations Committee
• June 1st 2020 – Election ballot forms and candidate election statements to be mailed to the membership
• June 20thth, 2020 – Closing date for the receipt of ballot forms
• June 24th, 2020 – Announcement of the results of the Election
• Board meeting – date to be announced soon

Please find the Nomination Form here: IAPS Board Nominations Sheet 2020 Sheet 2020.

If you wish to nominate somebody, or you wish to be nominated, please complete the form and include a short election statement of about 400 words of the person being nominated. It would be helpful to the membership if the statement includes: a) your current interests and work in environment-behaviour studies; and b) your reasons for standing for the Board and how you think you can make a contribution to its work and the interests of the Association.

In addition, the nominator and seconder should include a short supporting statement of the candidate and his/her fit for the IAPS Board. The nominee, the nominator and the seconder are required to be members of IAPS and be up to date with their membership fees. We kindly ask candidates to make sure this is the case. Please include, if possible, the appropriate membership numbers on the Nomination Sheet.

IAPS is a thriving, lively organization who welcomes and encourages all nominations. We strongly encourage you to consider standing for the Board or nominate somebody else.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is the 25th of May 2020. Please return the Nomination Sheet and short Election Statement by email, to Dr. Silvia Collado: (see Nomination form). Voting ballots, a list of candidates and biographical sketches will be emailed to the membership by June 1st 2020. You can download this Call here: Call for Nominations IAPS 2020.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Adina Dumitru
IAPS Secretary
On behalf of the IAPS Board