The IAPS Board and Elections Committee are very pleased to invite IAPS members to take part in this year´s electoral process for 9 positions on the Board. Download the full Call here.

The timetable for this year´s election is:

23rd of May 2022: Call for nominations inviting IAPS members to be elected to the IAPS board sent to the membership.
12th of June 2022: Deadline for nominations to be returned to the Elections Committee.
June 13th 2022: Election ballot forms and candidate election statements to be mailed to the membership.
June 22nd, 2020: Closing date for the receipt of ballots.
June 27th, 2022: Announcement of the results of the Election.

The IAPS Board has decided to include an exciting change in the election process this year. As Board members dedicate their time on a volunteer basis, and are responsible for a series of tasks during their mandate, we want to support members to better assess the possibility to commit to such a role, by presenting three profiles for the IAPS Board, each with a set of key responsibilities. While we work in an interrelated manner and collaborate on many tasks, Board members are mainly responsible for a subset of these tasks. Please note that there are more Board positions than the profiles described, which means that Board members´ final tasks will fit some of the tasks, but not all. Please, find the description of the profiles for IAPS Board members here.

If you wish to be a candidate, please complete IAPS Board Nominations Sheet_2022 (download here Format PDF or Format WORDand include a short election statement of about 500 words. In it, we ask candidates to refer to a) their motivation to stand for the Board and how it relates to one or several of the profiles described; b) refer to how your experience and skill set might fit with the tasks of one or several of the IAPS Board profiles, and how you think you might contribute to the organization; establish an order of preference of the 3 profiles; and c) establish an order of preference of the 3 IAPS Board profiles.

The nominator and seconder nominator should include a short supporting statement of the candidate and his/her fit for the IAPS Board. The nominee, the nominator and the seconder are required to be members of IAPS and be up to date with their membership fees. We kindly ask candidates to make sure this is the case. Please include, if possible, the appropriate membership number on the Nomination Sheet.

IAPS is a thriving, lively organization who welcomes and encourages all nominations. We strongly encourage you to consider standing for the Board or nominate somebody else. Everyone who already paid the registration for the 2022 IAPS Conference is a member of IAPS and can participate of this democratic election process.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is the 12th of June 2022. Please, return the Nomination Sheet by email to the Elections Committee (see emails on IAPS Board Nomination Sheet). Voting ballots, a list of candidates and elections statements will be emailed to the membership by June 13th 2022.

Dr. Adina Dumitru. IAPS President. University of A Coruña, Spain.

Elections Committee:

Dr. Ombretta Romice. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

Dr. Edward Edgerton. University of West of Scotland, UK.

Dr. Giuseppe Carrus. Roma Tre University, Italy.