Deadline for Papers: January 15, 2018

In 2019, Environment & Behavior will be 50 years old. To commemorate this important occasion, we invite submissions for a CELEBRATORY SPECIAL ISSUE of the journal to be published in June, 2019, exactly 50 years after the first issue of E&B appeared.

For this special issue, we favor empirical submissions that are field studies, use objective measurement, and focus on the physical environment (built and/or natural) as the independent/quasiindependent variable.

Regarding the dependent variable, we favor research that highlights observable behavior that is directly linked to individuals (e.g., number of errors in a wayfinding task; days of recovery after surgery; time spent outdoors gardening; number of conversations between adjacent colleagues in an office).

Regarding content areas, we invite papers that fall into one of the following categories that have been historically and significantly associated with E&B:

  1. Pro-environmental behaviors (e.g., individual, household, organizational; e.g., reduction in shower length; lower thermostat settings; increased waste paper separation).
  2. Outdoor urban environments (e.g., crime, walkability, wayfinding)
  3. Built settings (e.g., offices, healthcare facilities, residences, restaurants)
  4. Natural environments (e.g., wild, managed, restorative, public or private)

Finally, recognizing the complexity of addressing real-world problems and the journal’s openness to publishing articles from experts representing a wide range of disciplines, we encourage submissions from interdisciplinary teams.

Papers will undergo the normal review process with a final decision about inclusion in the special issue to be made by the journal editors; papers peer-reviewed for the special issue and accepted for publication but not selected by the editors for that issue will be accommodated in other issues of the journal.

Papers that are not deemed a good fit for the special issue (i.e., those that do not meet the criteria) but are otherwise appropriate for the journal will be considered for peer review following normal procedures.

Given the special nature of this issue, papers in the special issue will not come out as advance online publications ahead of the June, 2019 publication of the issue.

Submissions for this special issue will be accepted between September 15, 2017-January 15, 2018. If you want your paper to be considered for the special issue, please check the “special issue” box (it is one of the E&B submission questions).

This special celebratory issue follows journal guidelines regarding length (no more than 25 pages, double-spaced, before References, Tables, and Figures). Submissions should conform to APA style.