Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges

Rome, July 9-13 2018

Dear registered participants to the 25th IAPS Conference,

find attached the call for papers for a post IAPS conference special issue of the Journal “Psyecology“.

If you are considering to submit your paper to the special issue, please remember the following rules:

1) To submit a paper, the corresponding author must have been registered and regularly paid the fee of the 25th IAPS conference in Rome 2018.

2) Each corresponding author can submit only 1 paper maximum

3) The paper must be based on the work that was accepted and presented at the conference. The title and the content of your paper must be coherent with the abstract submitted and accepted to the conference

4) The authorship must be the same of the abstract submitted and accepted to the conference

5) If your paper will be accepted, it will not be possibile to submit it again to any other post-conference publications of the 25th IAPS Conference 2018 (e.g., E-book, or other journal special issues)