Dear IAPS Members,

We are organizing the next IAPS Bulletin. In the section about publications, please, we are inviting you to send full reference of your recent publications (the ones not published in the last Bulletin) for the following categories:

1. Papers in Academic Journals.
2. Books and Books Chapters.
3. Full papers published in Conferences.
4. PhD and Master Dissertations already concluded and approved (for this category, please, send a 60 words summary).
5. Abstracts published in International Events.
Importantly, please send me all full references in APA style, with DOI if you have, ISBN or ISSN. In the case of books if you have a pdf free version that wants to share, please send the access link or file. Or if you have a book discount code that can be used to purchase the book, please send it to us.

Deadline for sending contributions: 26th October 2021.
Please, send your contributions to:

Thank you so much, and stay safe,