Dear IAPS Members,

We have received three nominations for TWO available positions to the IAPS Board. We invite IAPS members to vote by completing the Voting Form and sending it to the Elections Committee by the 20th of June 2020, at the following addresses: ; and

The candidates for the Board are listed on the Voting Form. You can also read the biographical description and the Election Statements of each candidate here.

The voting forms will be verified by the IAPS Election Committee. In order to exercise your right to vote, please check that you are up to date with your membership obligation (having paid your fee for 2020). Please, check your status here. If it were not the case, you can make the payment online with our system through the IAPS website.

Please, do not hesitate in email us with any doubts you might have.
We look forward to your participation in this election!

All the best,

Adina Dumitru
University of A Coruña
IAPS Secretary