As the world is physically coming to a halt, our minds and determination are not. More than ever, we need to confront our research results, discuss future avenues and even celebrate. This is why, in a shared decision with IAPS board, we decided to innovate and go forward with a virtual conference.

This choice will respond to many young researchers who asked for this in consideration of the fight to climate change. It is now a response to the tightening economic situation: a virtual conference will save everyone huge costs in terms of travel and accommodation expenses. It is also a flexible response to health and fatigue considerations : people will be able to join the conference from anywhere they are connected. Finally, it will be an opportunity to reach out to a much larger audience worldwide.

Now, tight planning is needed to make a success of this change : rescheduling the program over many time zones to accommodate all of you; planning for new costs and, hopefully, new savings; testing technologies, etc. We are hopeful that by the end of March we will be able to send out detailed information on how it will proceed.

Your thoughts and feedback on this exciting venture are important to us : this is why you will be surveyed during the next few days.