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The Conference title is: “Global challenges, local impacts: rethinking governance, sustainability and consumption in light of climate change”. Three main domains were selected to organize the topics of the conference, each one with several sub-categories.

a) Governance – it addresses the person-community-institutions relations, comprising the challenges arising from environmental (in) justice, new collective and activist movements, co-management of natural resources, and community-based approaches.

b) Sustainability – to cover mechanisms and processes taking place to achieve a more sustainable society, including people-environment relations in natural, urban, rural, and organizational/work settings, as well as in the interfaces between settings. Human’s responses to extreme events, as well as interventions to promote health and well-being are important topics to be considered.

c) Consumption – to address consumption and production processes, as well as those related to renewable and efficient energy and sustainable infrastructures, in order to reduce resource use, degradation and pollution.

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