IMPORTANT DATES. 21-26 June 2020 – IAPS 2020 Conference

15 May – Registration deadline for presenters. Deadline for submission of full paper for the Young Researchers Workshop

​22 May – Conference program available online

15 June – Registration deadline for non-presenting audience. Reception deadline for prerecorded presentations and posters.

​27 June – 5 July 2020. Extended online availability of conference content

The virtual conference will operate on Zoom and will be similar to any in-person conference. Presentations are assembled in sessions according to a theme and they are assigned a virtual room. A chairperson coordinates each session. As with in-person conferences, people access their preferred session by entering a room, only they have to click on a hyperlink to access the virtual room of their choice.

Presentations for symposia, paper sessions, flash, intensive sessions and workshops can either be prerecorded or presented live during the conference. Because of their duration, poster presentations must be prerecorded. Those who opt for prerecording their presentation should be virtually present for their entire session in order to answer questions and participate in the discussion. The sole exceptions should be people who would have to connect during the night.

As with in-person conferences, there will also be a dedicated period for questions and discussion after the presentations. Participants will be able to use a Q&A box (similar to a chat) to ask questions during, and right after, the presentations. The session’s chairperson will then select a few questions, depending on the time allocated for the discussion, and will read them to the presenter, who will be able to answer verbally during the session. The presenter will also be able to answer, after her/his session, any remaining questions through the Q&A box.

Unless otherwise advised by participants, all the sessions will be fully recorded and made available for watching online, only to those who have registered, during the conference (21 to the 27th of June) and the week after (until the 5th of July). This will allow participants in less favorable time zones or life situations to catch up with content. Participants will still be able to leave their questions in a comment box or to contact the presenters directly for further exchange.

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