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Prof David Canter will be with us on 22th November 2023 talking about `Why do we leave it so late? The significance of the rules of place for climate change`. The event is online from 12 to 1pm, UK time. To register, please send an e-mail to It is a Seminar organized by the Urban Institute of Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Professor David Canter is going to present:

Why do we leave it so late? The significance of the rules of place for climate change: The challenge of climate change and environmental embedded degradation is an example of how an emergency is becoming a disaster. Consideration of many other examples of this process draw attention to how our relations to places engender inertia. These relations are embedded in place rules which grow out of environmental roles. At the heart of these are the well-established distinctions between dwelling with and making use of the environment. It is only by moving from the roles associated with using to those that grow out of dwelling that a disaster can be avoided.

About Professor David Canter ( Professor Canter played a crucial role in establishing Environmental Psychology as a discipline. Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Author of The Psychology of Place, Emeritus Professor at The University of Liverpool. Professor Canter is frequently asked to contribute to strategic policing issues at national and international levels. He has provided expert evidence in diverse legal cases of international significance.

Please, we all are expecting you.