Dear IAPS members,

We are preparing the next IAPS Bulletin#49, and we would like to invite you to contribute to the new series My Favorite Book or Paper. The first edition has been published in IAPS #48. The idea behind it is that researchers often have a book or paper that inspired and keeps inspiring them over the course of their career. A book or paper that they treasure. And we want to see these!

We invite you to send a photograph of yourself holding your Favorite Book or Paper and describing shortly why it was and is important to you. In case you don’t have a hard copy of the paper or book we want you to display it on the screen of your laptop that you have in your hands. Your description should be short, a maximum of 150 words, so it should not take you too much time and so we can publish many contributions in each issue of the Bulletin. You can see examples in the last IAPS Bulletin, from page 42 (

Email a picture of yourself with the paper/book, and a short description to

Deadline for your contribution: 1st September 2021.