We are looking for a post doc to contribute to the development of the SLU Multisensory Outdoor Laboratory, situated on the SLU campus in Alnarp.  The SLU Multisensory Outdoor Laboratory is a collaborative initiative between the department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology and the department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management. The laboratory aims to develop cutting-edge research within the broader field of interaction between people and outdoor environment. The technological development in environmental simulation as well as in wearable sensor technology opens up new ways of understanding dynamic and multisensory experience of outdoor environments, by combining traditional laboratory studies with real-time data acquisition of physiological responses and experiences in field settings. The mission of the lab is to advance the research area both in terms of methodological and empirical knowledge, and with applied implications in mind. A key focus for the involved researchers is the impact of outdoor experiences on human health and wellbeing. The research aims at understanding both the mechanisms involved and what qualities in the environments that promote restorative experiences, preference and improved use of outdoor spaces. The societal relevance of the issues also motivate research on interaction tools and approaches exploring how different groups of actors engage with the environment, using for instance GIS/Geodesign.

Application deadline 2020-04-08.

For more information and requirements see the advertisement on the SLU Job vacancies webpage