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Professor Perla Serfaty has made a number of Environmental Psychology papers, book chapters and books available on her website. Keeping in mind students, researchers, and teaching colleagues, all documents are in open-free access mode. Please visit:

A Wikipedia page is also accessible:

Perla Serfaty, born in 1944 in Marakesh, Morocco is a French and Canadian academic, sociologist, psycho-sociologist and essayist, best known for her work on the home, the appropriation space, and, in particular, of the private sphere as well as the feeling and qualities of at-homeness covered by the French concept of “chez-soi”. She writes under the names Perla Serfaty-Garzon and Perla Korosec-Serfaty. As a theoretician of private life inside the home and the appropriation of lived-in spaces, she has extended her work to the phenomenology of dwelling in the migratory experience, to the analysis of the complexities and tensions of the relation of the contemporary woman to the domestic realm, as well as the intimate and ethical psychological issues of home in relation to childhood and old age. Among Perla Serfaty’s interests are also sociability and the modes of appropriation of public urban spaces, the transformation of the meaning of protection of architectural, urban heritage as well as of intangible cultural heritage.

She has published Vieillesse et engendrements: La longévité dans la tradition juive. Focusing on the traditional Jewish vision of longevity, as transmitted in the Hebrew Bible, this book was awarded the J. I. Segal Prize in 2014. The influence of Perla Serfaty’s work in Environmental Psychology has been singled out by her 2018 induction into the International Association People Environment Studies (IAPS) Hall of Fame.