Dear authors, dear friends of IAPS, dear readers,

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book Environmental psychology: 100 key notions on April 27 at DUNOD editions. For financial reasons, the publisher finally could not edit the bilingual edition, as initially proposed. It will therefore be published in two stages; first in French and then in English.

The publisher supports us in the search for an English-speaking publisher. We will keep you informed of this second editorial step as soon as we have identified a publisher.

In the meantime, we are delighted with the publication of this book which allows us to bring together 100 major concepts in environmental psychology. This is a first edition and, as proposed by the publisher DUNOD, we will have the possibility to evolve our definitions and to propose other ones in future editions.

Thank you again for the involvement of the very different authors in this collective work. And thank you for welcoming it and making new suggestions to all readers.

Sincerely yours, Dorothée Marchand, Karine Weiss, Enric Pol, as editor team.