Henk Staats (The Netherlands)

Almost all of my work is focused on environmental psychology: in teaching, research, and editorial ad managerial work.  I teach a course on Environmental Psychology in the Psychology Master program of Leiden University. I supervise  bachelor, master and PhD theses and internships that are always focusing on a topic in Environmental Psychology.  My specific  research interests include environmental preferences, psychological restoration, and the analysis and change of pro-environmental behavior. I cooperate with other disciplines (ecologists, architects, landscape architects, engineers), to research approaches that increase sustainability, biodiversity, scenic beauty, and well-being. Relevant publications can be found on Web of Science, ResearchGate and GoogleScholar.  I am Senior Associate Editor of Environment and Behavior.

The reason for standing for the Board is that I feel I owe IAPS a lot for all the work they did for me for so any years. The conferences, the informal contacts, the Newsletter, and the link to more formal publication outlets, specifically the Journal of Environmental Psychology and Environment and Behavior, have greatly increased my  possibilities  to pursue my interests and be effective as a researcher. I also think that I can contribute a bit through my experiences in the field, my contacts with other disciplines and my conviction that above all we should have academic respectability in our own discipline. I realize there is a trade-off between working interdisciplinary and be recognized and successful as a publishing author in psychology.  This is not an easy position and one which has often proven difficult for environmental psychologists in their role as researcher in applied psychology. The fact that we have in IAPS professionals from different disciplines makes it an important forum to exchange experiences and get to know each other’s expertise in a way that should be mutually beneficial. This issue has my interest and  I would like to contribute  to further and deepen this dialogue. My conviction is that the basis for this dialogue should be a solid training and high quality work in one’s  own discipline.


I wish to nominate Henk Staats for election as a new member of the IAPS board. Henk has a strong reputation in the field and his international and interdisciplinary approach fits well within the ethos of IAPS. Henk has worked as an environmental psychologist for over 20 years. He has published many papers in leading journals, mostly related to his work on environmental restoration and energy conservation, work for which he is well known. He has significantly contributed to the development of the field through his research as well as through his teaching as well as through other activities such as symposia organisations, editorial and reviewing work. He is passionate about his work. He has inspired many people throughout his career. His passion for environmental psychology research certainly inspired me when I was a student in Leiden many years ago. His support and guidance helped me develop my career. I believe that as a member of the IAPS board he would inspire and support many more researchers in the field. Taken together, I believe that his work and experience, his passion for the field and his supportive and kind personality make him an excellent candidate for the IAPS board


Henk Staats is a thoughtful, creative, hard-working, and productive scholar. He has extensive experience with planning, conducting and reporting research with junior and senior colleagues within and outside of psychology. He is a well-recognized and well-respected figure in the environment-behavior research field. He also has a wealth of experience with academic administration and editorial work. On a personal note, I would add that he is a good-hearted, decent man. He is in other words in so many respects an excellent candidate for a position on the IAPS Board