Karine Weiss (France)

I am currently working specifically on social representations of risks and risks management. My research interest focuses on two main topics: (1) the communication during crisis management (especially using NTIC and social media during natural or technological disasters) and (2) perceptions and social representations of emerging risks and their links with social practices linked to these risks. In both cases, I am working with interdisciplinary points of view, by integrating management and communication, and/or environmental sciences.

I am also currently the vice-president for International relationships in my University (University of Nîmes, South of France) and the director of the Doctoral School “risks and society”.

As a representative of environmental psychology in France, I would like to contribute in the development of effective links between the different national associations, and also the improvement of the research network in People-environment studies. I am sure that we now have a long experiment in different countries, which we could intensify with a better coordination.

My function of vice-president for international relationships will end next November; I will benefit from this experience for IAPS, especially in terms of networks knowledge and opportunities of international funding.


Karine Weiss is Professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Nimes. She gets her PHD in Paris, with Gabriel Moser. She has contributed actively to the consolidation and dissemination of environmental psychology in France. Together with her colleagues from the Laboratory of Environmental Psychology at the University Paris-Descartes, she promoted the creation of the Association of Francophone Environmental Psychology (ARPEnv).

Karine Weiss has published large number of articles on various aspects of environmental psychology, from social psychological and from social Representation approaches, including welfare; the relationship of the individual with natural resources and natural hazards; risk and risk management, both in natural and built environments, syndrome of the sick building, environmental psychology in France, and same books as author and as editor, among which we can highlight:

Psychologie sociale et environnement;  Psychologie et développement durable; Espaces de vie: Aspects de la relation homme-environnement.


Karine Weiss is an active, self-determined, well-recognised professor in environmental psychology. Among the numerous projects and moments shared with Karine, I had the opportunity to live and to share her determination to preserve the dynamics of environmental psychology during the creation of the association (Arpenv) in which I was lucky to participate by her side as treasurer. A way of keeping the dynamics Gabriel Moser had introduced and maintained, despite members of the laboratory of Paris being geographically scattered. She is sensitive to the promotion and visibility of the discipline in France as well as at the international level. Her active role in the international exchanges as Vice-President in charge of international relations at university of Nîmes gives evidence of it.

Last but not least, despite her scientific speciality Karine Weiss is a discerning researcher in environmental psychology open minded to the thematic diversity which constitutes the discipline.

So many qualities that lead me to support Karine Weiss’ application of for the IAPS board.