Taciano Milfont (New Zealand)

The commitment of the IAPS to foment work on the interrelations between people and their socio-physical surroundings is more important today than ever, and I am truly honoured to be nominated for the IAPS Board. My commitment to interdisciplinary activities and scholarship in this area is of long standing and growing stronger with time.

I am an academic staff at the School of Psychology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. I received my BA and MSc from Brazilian universities, and obtained my PhD in social and environmental psychology from the University of Auckland. I have been a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Environmental Psychology and Environment and Behavior since 2011 and have published more than 120 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, including a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Environmental and Conservation Psychology. My current research interests focus on a cross-cultural understanding of people–environment interactions.

If elected, one primary mission would be to work very closely with the other board members to support the IAPS in its current direction while implementing strategies to expand its role internationally, particularly attracting new members in Oceania and Asia. I believe our association is the ideal multidisciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners to communicate and work together to find solutions to issues related to people’s interaction with their environments, and I would work intensively to expand and further realise the potential of this forum. I would also be closely involved in the Young Researchers Workshop and related activities to help young researchers/practitioners with their involvement with the IAPS.

NOMINATOR: Petra, Schweizer-Ries

I know Taciano besides his publications from the last YR-Workshop and I think he can support the work of IAPS very well and can also bring in scientific quality and support of our young researchers.


Taciano would be a very welcome and able addition to the IAPS board bringing a wealth of experience from not only his area of expertise but also in terms of bringing IAPS to a wider membership in Oceania and Asia.  He worked very well with the Young Researchers in IAPS2014 and showed his commitment and enthusiasm in communicating not only his subject but also wider aspects of the role of an academic.  He was organised and engaged at the workshop and worked well with the other mentors.  I have no hesitation in seconding his nomination and think that he would be able to make an excellent contribution to the work of the IAPS board.