Benefits of IAPS Membership

IAPS is a not-for-profit scientific organisation which relies solely on the fees paid by members for the day-to-day operations of the organisation.    There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of IAPS:

  • Reduced fees for attending conferences and seminars
  • Free access to the IAPS Bulletin
  • Access to our Networks, and to join in their activities, discussions and events
  • Discounted subscription rates for specified journals
  • The right to vote and stand for membership of the Board
  • Join the mailing list and get regular updates about events, jobs, discussions

IAPS membership runs from January to December, and is available at the following levels.

  • 1 year membership = €50
  • 2 years membership = €100
  • 5 years membership = €200
  • 10 years membership = €400
  • 1 year reduced fee (student / retired / developing countries) membership = €25
  • 2 years reduced fee (student / retired / developing countries) membership = €50


The membership site is under maintenance.
We will be back soon.