Photo: 2018 IAPS Conference in Rome, Italy.




From 1st January 2022, the membership fees are changing to a minimum 2-year membership fee structure. This is to ensure that a benefit of joining IAPS always includes reduced rates to the bi-annual IAPS Conference. To accommodate the adjustment from 1 to 2 years, we have made a slight reduction in the membership charge for the 2 years period. There is also still the option to sign up to be an IAPS member for longer periods of time, which benefits from the bonus-free year(s).

Alternatively, if you register to the IAPS Conference as a non-member or with an expired membership, you will automatically receive an IAPS member for 2 years*, as the fee is included in the conference registration price. * IAPS membership runs from January to December, thus membership will be for the remaining period of the conference year and the whole of the subsequent year.

New Full fee (from 1st January 2022) :

2 years membership = €90

5 years membership = €180

10 years membership = €360

New Reduced fee for student/ retired/ developing countries (from 1st January 2022):

2 years membership = €45

5 years membership = €90