Network IAPS Simposia

The Symposiums’ Books of Abstracts usually are shared by CDs and print copies to the participants. For the next events, we will work on a digital database shared by the Digital Library that we are working to activate. The 2019 and 2013 Symposiums´ Books of Abstracts are available in PDF below.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings to us new ways to develop our events, the 2021 IAPS Symposium “Sustainability in the Post-Covid era: Challenges and Opportunities in the face of Climate Change and the Energy Transition” happened between 29th to October 1st, in a hybrid format. The Convenors were Professor Ricardo Garcia Mira (People Environment Research Group, University of A Coruña, Spain) and Professor Petra Schweizer-Ries (Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany), and the Chair was Professor Cristina García Fontán (People Environment Research Group, University of A Coruña, Spain). The event had involved around 500 participants in total and it was open to the public: people that could not register were able to watch from home the live sessions and the keynotes speakers. The Symposium was marked by the democratization of knowledge. If you missed this fantastic event, please find below the links for the three recordings:


Network simposia 2013 A Coruña
Network simposia 2013 A Coruña