Children, Youth and Environments

CYE (founded in 1996)


Ian Simkins

Experiemics Ltd., UK

Sandrine Depeau

Université de Rennes 2


To improve the living conditions of children and youth. It supports the sharing of knowledge and experience, while recognizing young people’s capacity for meaningful participation in the processes that shape their lives.


IAPS19 in Alexandria, September 2006

Discussed the topic of “Outdoors Turning Indoors?”. The conveners were Maria Nordström and Sandrine Depeau.

IAPS20 in Rome, July 2008

Discussed on exhibition of “pictures about children in spaces”, with the aim to discuss the role of image in children’s environmental studies from a methodological and/or theoretical approach.

IAPS21 in Leipzig, June 2010

Ian Simkins with Sandrine Depeau are now the network conveners; they will hold a symposium based meeting discussing: a) “How to appraise emotional state in the children-environment relations?” in sugbsequent research and practice; b) “The implication of the significance of the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention on Children’s rights; what has changed and the difference (if any) in children’s voices being considered in the design/planning of everyday environments.