Communication and Technology & Place

CTP (founded in 2000)


Gary Gumpert

Queens College of the City University of New York

Susan Drucker

Hofstra University


To examine and to analyse the impact of communication technology upon urban planning, housing, and policy. With the development of the “wired” or “smart” city, the increasing role of tele-commuting, and the ambiguity of “public” and “private” space, the spatial and ecological consequences require the attention of planners, designers, and architects.


In 2008 IAPS CTP network members

were part of an invited symposium dedicated to the articulation of characteristics of what makes a city “communicative”.

The CTP network was influential

in organizing the 2008 IAPS photo exhibition in Rome with the theme of “Communicative Cities”.

Members of the network are working

with the Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning in Erkner, Germany, specifically with the program of the dynamics of communication, knowledge, and spatial development.

As a consequence of meetings

held with conveners at EDRA44 (2013), EDRA45 (2014), and e-discussions, proposals are being explored for the updating and re-positioning of the network in light of current IAPS inter-network communication plans and potential connections with external organisations (eg.EDRA).


Special issue of International Communication Gazette (Sage), Vol. 70, No. 3-4, (2008).