Dr. Nathalie Jean-Baptiste

Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Dr. Emilie Pinard

McEwen School of Architecture Laurentian University, Canada


The aim of the Network is to strengthen research on Housing through enhanced cooperation between its members. The Network will facilitate the exchange of experience and scientific views on housing across different special contexts around the world.  The Housing Network will disseminate activities and develop collaborative projects that include:

  • Identifying strategic views on relevant issues around Housing
  • Serve as a place for discussion with regards to global transformation, climate effects and housing
  • Share best practices, experiencesand information
  • Provide a forum to promote and support bilateral/multilateral cooperation between its members
  • Provide a mechanism of communication and sharing latest news


IAPS 2017 SYMPOSIUM, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

27-29 September

More information

Please, contact Nathalie or Emilie for further information:
· Dr. Nathalie Jean-Baptiste: Jean-baptiste@stadtforschung.tu-darmstadt.de
· Dr. Emilie Pinard: epinard@laurentian.ca


IAPS 2014, Timisoara

Symposium organized by the Housing network on “Housing in a Changing Environment – Assessing vulnerability and promoting resilience”

IAPS 2013, A Coruña

Joint symposium organized by IAPS networks (Housing, Sustainability, and Culture and Space) on “Sustainable Environments in a Changing Global Context: identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in the context of crisis”

IAPS 2012, Glasgow

Call for change of Convenors

IAPS 2010, Leipzig

Symposium organized by the Housing Network on “Revitalising the Housing Environment”

IAPS 2009, Istanbul

Joint symposium with CSBE network “Revitalising Built Environments – Re-qualifying Old Places for New Uses”.

IAPS 2008, Rome

Network meeting on “Benchmarks in Housing Research”.

IAPS 2007, Poland

Symposium “Housing and Environmental Conditions in Post-communists Countries”.

IAPS 2006, Alexandria

Symposium on “Benchmarks in Housing Research”