(founded in 2005)


Professor Petra Schweizer-Ries

Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Professor Ricardo Garcia Mira

University of A Coruña, Spain, Department of Psychology, Faculty Member


The network strives to facilitate contact and exchange of ideas between IAPS members who are interested in sustainability issues. The aim is to help strengthen the development of theories and research methods in environmental psychology research on sustainability.


IAPS 2021 International Symposium – Sustainability Network | CALL FOR PAPERS

The organising committee of the International Symposium on “Sustainability in the Post-Covid era: Challenges and Opportunities in the face of Climate Change and the Energy Transition” (Convenors: Ricardo Garcia Mira & Petra Schweizer-Ries; Chair of the Organizing Committee: Cristina García Fontán) is pleased to announce that the event will be held in A Coruña, from the September 29th to October 1st, 2021. 

We invite the submission of abstracts for all categories/papers by 15th April of 2021.

We wil give more information about how to submit your abstract in the following days.

Network meeting in IAPS 20 in Rome 2008:

Motivation of pro-environmental behavior: Egoism, altruism, anthropocentrism: does it really matter?

Five symposia

focused in sustainability topics.

Interventions in Environmental Psychology

– The view of environmental psychology on consumer behavior – Conservation Psychology – Water energy and environmentally concerned behagviour – intentions for sustainable behavior.

IAPS 21 in Leipzig 2010

Network meeting.

A collaborative network symposia

A collaborative network symposia was carried out with the collaboration of three IAPS networks (Housing, Sustainability, and Culture and Space) on “Sustainable Environments in a Changing Global Context: identifying opportunities for innovative spaces and practices in the context of crisis” A Coruna, Spain, June 2013.