Urban Morphology and Representation

(founded in 2009)


Dr Fei Chen

University of Liverpool

Dr Raymond Lucas

University of Manchester

Dr Ombretta Romice

Strathclyde University

It is an interdisciplinary forum dedicated to advance knowledge, practice and education in relation to the form of the urban environment. It studies in particular urban space over time (from on evolutionary perspective and a perceptual one) and focuses on innovative representational techniques and technologies as means to better understand space.


To develop urban morphological studies in combination to People-Environment Studies; to research the connection between urban morphological studies and design practices and management; to examine the connection between sensory representation and design practices.


The Sixtenth International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF 2009)

4-7 September 2009, Guangzhou, China. http://www.urbanform.org/sem/sem2009.html

IAPS21 in Leipzig 2010

“Urban Morphology and Representation” Network symposium and meeting of the network members.