Advances in people environment studies

People, Places, and Sustainability

Edited by G. Moser, E. Pol, Y. Bernard, M. Bonnes, J.A. Corraliza, V. Giuliani

Culture, Environmental Action, and Sustainability

Edited by R. García Mira, J. M. Sabucedo Cameselle, J. R. Martínez

Designing Social Innovation

Planning, Building, Evaluating

Edited by B. Martens, A. G. Keul

Environment, Health, and Sustainable Development

Edited by A. Abdel-Hadi, M.K. Tolba, S. Soliman

Urban Diversities – Environmental and Social Issues

Edited by M. Bonaiuto, M. Bonnes, A. M. Nenci, G. Carrus

Vulnerability, Risks, and Complexity

Impacts of Global Change on Human Habitats

Edited by S. K. Kabisch, A. K. Kunath, P. Schweizer-Ries, A. S. Steinführer

Requalifying the Built Environment

Challenges and Responses

Edited by R. Lawrence, H. Turgut, P. Kellett

Bridging the Boundaries

Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment and Implications for Research, Policy, and Practice

Edited by E. Edgerton, O. Romice, K. Thwaites