Qualitative Research


The IAPS Qualitative Research Network aims to facilitate communication and knowledge transfer between qualitative researchers in the field of people-environment studies, and to raise the visibility of qualitative research in this field.

Our goals

Qualitative methods offer many benefits to people-environment studies: they enable the exploration of novel and/or under-researched phenomena, which can open new research lines; they allow critical research approaches that challenge existing assumptions and amplify perspectives of seldom-heard populations; and they are often employed by scholars from minoritised and/or non-Western backgrounds, supporting the diversity of actors involved in knowledge production. With this network, we seek to provide a community for researchers who engage with qualitative methods and its associated perspectives and epistemologies. We plan to host:

  • Knowledge-sharing sessions on qualitative methods within network researchers
  • IAPS Symposiums and/or series of webinars on qualitative methods in people-environment studies
  • Fostering international collaboration
  • Development of online resources for researchers (e.g., methods support, example papers, etc.)

How to get involved

The best way to stay updated on our activities is to join our mailing list here:


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You can also follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter/X, and you can contact us via email on qualitativeresearch@iaps-association.org.


Our network was formed through dialogue about the value of qualitative research methods in people-environment studies, and especially environmental psychology. You may be interested in the following texts that set out arguments about why such research is important: