Summer Recess

The IAPS conference in Lund proved very successful with 11 sessions on restoration research. We had a very fruitful discussion during our REN meeting, touching upon issues such as the need to publish non-significant results and advancing restoration theory. Inspiring new ideas and directions for the network were shared, including the need for members to be able to reach out to each other with questions or requests. We are now working to integrate these ideas in our newsletter / webpage. You can find the minutes of the meeting here.

Don’t forget to check out our website and twitter in between – four PhD vacancies were advertised in June alone. Please share a nice restorative photo with us! This will not only brighten up our newsletter, but also give you a nice opportunity to introduce your profile to all members of our network. This time around we meet Professor Agnes van den Berg.

Enjoy the summer!


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We look forward to members meeting up at these various conferences. Please let us know of any other events that would interest fellow members.


New Publications by Members

If you have recently published and would like this added to the iapsREN library and communicated in the next letter, please email us.

Vacancies & Congratulations

Please let us know if you have any related jobs to advertise in the next newsletter and/or on the website. Additionally, get in touch if you have any congratulatory restoration related news, such as the successful defence of a thesis.

Member Spotlight

The picture included in this newsletter was taken at a supermarket near the home of Professor Agnes van den Berg in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Agnes holds an endowed chair in the perception and evaluation of nature and landscape at University of Groningen and is interested in fractal geometry as a visual cue that triggers restorative responses to nature. Other research interests include the importance of nearby nature for children’s development, evidence-based design of healing environments, and individual differences in preferences for wild and managed landscapes. To learn more, visit Agnes’ webpage.

Please share your favourite photos and have them and you featured in future newsletters. Send your landscape oriented photos and information via email.


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