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For many this may be your first Restorative Environments Newsletter, so a big welcome to those who signed up at the IAPS conference in Lund (and welcome back to our existing loyal members). This is our quarterly newsletter, to which we invite members to contribute REN-related announcements such as journal articles, upcoming conferences, calls for journal articles or symposium contributions, job vacancies, and celebrate recent PhD successes. In between you can find out about the network and announcements on our revamped website and/or follow us on twitter. Whichever way you interact with the network, we hope both new and existing members enjoy the REN experience, and we look forward to learning all about your interests in the members spotlight.


After successful symposia in previous conferences, Terry Hartig and Henk Staats would like to encourage members to think about opportunities and consider organising a symposium for the International Conference on Environmental Psychology in La Coruna next year.

Upcoming deadlines:

  • Landscape and Health, 17th – 19th May 2017, in Vienna, Austria. Deadline date for abstracts is 7th November.
  • Landscape and Life, 3 – 5th May 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal. Deadline date for abstracts is 15th December.
  • XIV Conference on Environmental Psychology, 21 – 24th June 2017, in Évora, Portugal. Deadline date for abstracts is 30th January 2017.

Upcoming conferences:

We look forward to members meeting up at these various conferences. Please let us know of any other events that would interest fellow members, and if you would like to advertise a call for contributions to a symposium using our website and twitter.

New Publications by Members

If you have recently published and would like this added to the iapsREN library and communicated in the next letter, please email us.

Call for Papers

Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health
Deadline: Just passed but still open to submissions
Description: This is an online journal that is seeking articles on exploring the links between urban design and mental health. They seek interesting ideas and evidence-based practical recommendations across the disciplines to inspire research where there are gaps, to bring new perspectives, and to help drive implementation of good ideas on the ground. They are keen to hear from early career researchers involved in restorative environment research. For further information and the submission process, please check their website.

Landscapes and Human Health
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Description: There is a special edition in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on Landscape and Human Health with guest editors Professor William Sullivan and Professor Chun-Yen Chang. This Special Issue is open to papers on the impacts of exposure to urban nature on public health that answer a number of pressing questions that can be broadly summarised as questions concerning: 1) exposure to nature in built settings; 2) the health outcomes of such exposure; 3) who benefits from various forms of exposure to nearby nature; and 4) understanding the impact of ecologically healthy landscapes on human health and well-being. For further information and the submission process, please check their website.



Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Deadline: review of applicants began 1st October 2016.
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.
Description: The Department of Earth and Environment at Franklin and Marshall College has a new tenure track faculty position in Environmental Studies, with a focus in the areas of environmental justice, environmental health, and public policy. They are particularly interested in applicants from environmentally relevant social science fields, including geography, anthropology, sociology, history, political science, or other closely related disciplines. Areas of teaching and research interest for this position include environmental justice as an approach to one or more of the following issue areas:  natural resource management (including water), land use, urban issues, food systems, natural disasters, climate change, transportation, pollution, and/or waste. They seek candidates with an integrative understanding of inequality and environmental issues, whose work addresses questions of race, class, and gender in relation to the environment.

Post Doctoral Research Associate (Cultures and Values study).
Deadline: 21st October 2016.
Location: Sheffield, UK.
Description: This post-doctoral role is an appointment to the project “Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature: integrating green/blue infrastructure and health service valuation and delivery (IWUN)” in the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield. The position will support the delivery of a qualitative and (in part) co-produced study of the values and beliefs relating to urban natural environments and wellbeing, with a particular focus on low users, and on mental health service users. The emphasis is on nature connectedness, the cultural resources and personal narratives of this, and how understandings and use of urban natural environments may change across the life-course (with specific attention to migration, mental health trajectories, and intergenerational responsibilities). Applicants will have completed a PhD in a relevant discipline with expertise in place, environment or health, and will have proven expertise in qualitative methods, ideally of interviewing in cross-cultural settings, with a sound grasp of analytical processes.

Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Society, Water, and Climate
Deadline before reviews begin: 31st October 2016.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Description: The University of Utah has created a new, interdisciplinary faculty cluster focusing on Society, Water, and Climate (SWC). This transformative cluster connects research on ecology, hydrology, air quality, climate change, societal response, and policy, melding multiple scientific perspectives to lead society towards sustainable solutions in a changing world. The successful candidate must examine the human dimensions of environmental change, as they relate to water and climate change. Research should include theoretically-grounded empirical approaches appropriate within or across social science disciplines. Possible home departments for the hire include: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. The successful candidate will be jointly appointed in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program.

Please let us know if you have any related jobs to advertise in the next newsletter and/or on the website. Keep a close eye on the website and twitter as this will display the most up to date information, including vacancies that arise in-between newsletters.

Additionally, get in touch if you have any congratulatory restoration related news, such as the successful defence of a thesis.

Member Spotlight

Dr Birgitta Gatersleben: “This is a picture of the local park near my childhood home. This is by no means a beautiful park. It is surrounded by buildings of varying architectural quality and separates two very distinct areas of the town. It’s a place for dog walking, playing children and loitering teens loved by many and avoided by many. It now houses a refugee camp. To me the image perfectly shows the potential awe inspiring beauty of nature, the variability of this beauty and the way natural beauty interacts with human influences to create fascinating places.”

Birgitta Gatersleben is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey and is interested in understanding when and how nature has restorative qualities (or not).  Find out more on her webpages here.

Please share your favourite photos and have them and you featured in future newsletters. Send your landscape oriented photos and information via email.

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