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Restorative environments research continues to be well-represented in publications and at conferences in 2019. In particular we look forward to September’s International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP) in Plymouth, United Kingdom. Continuing the series of symposia they have convened at the ICEP, IAPS and other international conferences, Terry Hartig and Henk Staats will convene a symposium entitled “Restorative environments: Consolidation and extension in theory and empirical research.” On behalf of iapsREN, Femke Beute and Ellie Ratcliffe will also convene a double-session symposium entitled “Restorative environments: Person factors and new perspectives on theory”. Details of the conference programme will soon be announced, and we look forward to seeing many of you there.


Upcoming deadlines:

  • British Environmental Psychology Society Conference, 16-17 September 2019, in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Deadline for abstract submission is 1 June.
  • Ecosystem Services Partnership 10 World Conference, 21-25 October 2019, in Hannover, Germany. Deadline for abstract submission is 10 June
  • 26th International Association of People-Environment Studies Conference, 21-26 June 2020, in Quebec City, Canada. Deadline for symposium submission is 1 October 2019; Deadline for abstracts is 15 December 2019.

Upcoming conferences:

  • EDRA 50, 22-26 May 2019, in Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • The Nature of Cities Summit, 4-7 June 2019, in Paris, France
  • International Conference on Environmental Psychology, 4-6 September 2019, in Plymouth, UK

We look forward to members meeting up at these various conferences. Please let us know of any other events that would interest fellow members, and if you would like to advertise a call for contributions to a symposium using our website and Twitter.

New Publications by Members

  • Cerina, V., Fornara, F., & Manca, S. (2017). Architectural style and green spaces predict older adults’ evaluations of residential facilities. European Journal of Ageing, 14(3), 207-217
  • Cracknell, D. (2019). By the sea: The therapeutic benefits of being in, on, and by the water. London: Aster.
  • Fornara, F., Troffa, R., Valera, S., & Vidal, T. (2018). European and natural landscapes as carriers of place identity: A correlational study in Italian and Spanish regions. Landscape Research, first published October 11, 2018, 1-11
  • Menatti, L., Subiza-Pérez, M., Villalpando-Flores, A., Vozmediano, L., & San Juan, C. (2019). Place attachment and identification as predictors of expected landscape restorativeness. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 63, 36-43
  • Payne, S. R., & Bruce, N. (2019). Exploring the relationship between urban quiet areas and perceived restorative benefits. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16, 1611
  • Scopelliti, M., Molinario, E., Bonaiuto, F., Bonnes, M., Cicero, L., De Dominicis, S., Fornara, F., Admiraal, J., Beringer, A., Dedeurwaerdere, T., de Groot, W., Hiedanpää, J., Knights, P., Knippenberg, L., Polajnar Horvat, K., Popa, F., Porras-Gomez, C., Smrekar, A., Soethe, N., Vivero-Pol, J.L., van den Born, R., & Bonaiuto, M. (2018). What makes you a ‘hero’ for nature? Socio-psychological profiling of leaders committed to nature and biodiversity protection across seven EU countries. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 61, 970-993.
  • van Dijk-Wesselius, J. E., Maas, J., Hovinga, D., van Vugt, M., & van den Berg, A. E. (2018). The impact of greening schoolyards on the appreciation, and physical, cognitive and social-emotional well-being of schoolchildren: A prospective intervention study. Landscape and Urban Planning, 180, 15-26

If you have recently published and would like this added to the iapsREN library and communicated in the next letter, please email us.


Researcher: Nature Connectedness, University of Derby
Deadline: 27 May 2019
Location: Derby, United Kingdom
Description: We are seeking a psychology researcher to support the research of our successful Nature Connectedness Research Group within the Human Sciences Research Centre at the University of Derby. Our nature connectedness research with national conservation NGOs has recently been named as one of the UK’s Best Research Breakthroughs, Universities UK, 2018. With a track record of proven experience in research, you will contribute to a range of projects seeking to understand and improve people’s relationship with the rest of the natural world.

PhD studentship: Social prescribing of horticulture therapy for higher functioning autistic adults, University of Plymouth
Deadline: 16 June 2019
Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom
Description: Our programme of work around social prescribing seeks to generate robust evidence about what works, for whom, and in what ways in linking individuals from primary care (often their GP) to social interventions have the potential to improve health and wellbeing. We are partnering with Cornwall Council’s Public Health Team and the national charity Autistica for this PhD studentship, in which we plan to assess whether the social prescribing of horticulture therapy is feasible, acceptable and associated with positive outcomes for higher functioning autistic adults.


Congratulations to Dr. Emma White, who passed her doctoral viva in March 2019. Emma’s doctorate in Environmental Psychology was completed at the School of Psychology, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Her PhD thesis, “Perceptions of Naturalness”, is an in-depth, exploratory examination of what lay people perceive to constitute a natural environment. Emma developed a theme structure to represent perceived naturalness, broadening the conceptualisation beyond that of current research and examining the associations between these themes and perceived restoration and affective quality. Please contact Emma directly for further details. The PhD thesis will soon be available from: http://epubs.surrey.ac.uk/view/type/thesis/2019.html.


Member Spotlight

The picture at the top of this newsletter was taken by Dr. Kate Lee. Kate writes:

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences at the University of Melbourne and interested in urban environments and restorative experience. My current work aims to build our understanding of qualities and experiences on green roofs and is part of a larger multidisciplinary project also exploring plant palettes, ‘soils’, and maintenance.

During a jaunt through the Royal Botanic Garden here in Melbourne I was particularly drawn to this section of the garden. It was designed with low water use plants “selected for their interesting shape, colour, texture”, as well as their ability to survive in our changing climate. I found it interesting to reflect on such plantings more broadly, particularly in relation to (experiences in) urban green spaces faced with challenging environmental conditions.

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