The IAPS Restorative Environments Network (iapsREN) is an international community of practitioners and researchers interested in how our environments can foster restoration. Born in Rome in 2008, we operate under the auspices of the International Association of People-Environment Studies (IAPS). During 2012 in Glasgow, iapsREN gathered new momentum, resulting in our newly designed identity and community. We are proud to continue being a strong and continually growing IAPS network.

IAPS REN is convened by Marilisa Herchet, Anna Bornioli, Lewis Elliott, and Robert van Dongen.

We are indebted to previous committee members, most recently Ellie Ratcliffe, Stephanie Wilkie, and Kate Lee. We are proud to build on the excellent work of Femke Beute and Kayleigh Wyles, along with Sarah Payne, Carlos Galan-Diaz, Kathryn Colley, Adam Day, and Lynette Robertson who helped shape the REN into its current form, maximising on digital media capabilities, and the founding members of IAPS REN: Terry Hartig, Helena Nordh, Jenny Roe, and Kevin Thwaites. Their work is much appreciated.