The IAPS Sensory Environments Network (IAPS SEN) was formally established in Timisoara, Romania in 2014. Its establishment responds to growing expertise, interest and knowledge in the perception, design and representation of sensory environments. SEN provides a multidisciplinary forum within which to explore ways to expand and enhance the sensory and experiential diversity of human-environment relationships. The SEN community of IAPS members will help facilitate networking and collaborations to advance understanding of how sensory information and experience can be incorporated into the development of environmental design theory and practice. It comprises architects, landscape architects, architects, urban designers, artists and environmental psychologists and will be of interest to anyone with a concern for the sensory dimensions of environmental experience and its application.

The IAPS SEN was initially convened by Jake Benfield and Kevin Thwaites who were honoured to be able to continue the vision of the late Dr Victoria Henshaw, who inspired the network formation through her pioneering research in smell escapes. Professor Kevin Thwaites, from the University of Sheffield, UK, is the advisor of the network.