What we are looking for in this Network

A key goal of this network is to bring researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in the interrelationship between urban form and human behaviours together and to build synergy among them for the advancement of knowledge in the field. Therefore, if you are working on issues of:

  • Preference, at any scale (i.e. building typologies, styles, neighbourhood choice, public spaces..),
  • walkability and walking attitudes;
  • place attachment and place identity;
  • behaviour (any type, from vandalism to maintenance, gardening ..) in the public realm;
  • orientation, legibility, navigation;
  • and anything else where the form of place, its organisation, composition, built and style, signage etc is important, or you suspect might be important ‚Ķ

Get in touch and join us! Network activities would include research seminars, symposiums, lecture series, joint publications and joint grant applications. We will also support young researchers through collaboration with and mentoring from senior members of the network.